Karin was truly a delight to work

This is a story about how Karin helped my family through an incredibly stressful situation. Karin is an excellent realtor, but more importantly, she’s genuine and the best kind of person. My mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease after months of progressive memory loss and safety issues, it was clear that it would not be best for her to live alone. My mom absolutely loved her home and was very unhappy at the prospect of selling. She signed a lease at a retirement community with three weeks to pack and move. Karin was a critical source of support every step of the way once it was decided that the home would be sold. She took care to walk my mom through the entire process by explaining things in a way that she could understand and be comfortable with. Karin took extra steps to ensure that my mom’s house was ready to be photographed when my husband and I were away. As a pharmacy student, I cannot express how important it is to take the time to recharge during breaks, and Karin made it possible for me to do so, even when it seemed improbable. For that, I will be forever grateful. 

Aside from Karin’s compassionate personality, she was very professional and sold my mom’s home in what seemed like record time. I feel so lucky that we had no delays and my mom was not faced with paying a mortgage in addition to her high rent. Karin’s fee was beyond reasonable and the house sold for a very competitive price. 

Karin was truly a delight to work with, I highly recommend her as a realtor.